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Ranna collaborates with many advertising agencies, digital agents and produces Campaign Sites, Micro Sites, E-Commerce Sites, Corporate Web site solutions for the brands they serve. Our company can carry out the coding of the ready-to-design sites or the production of a turnkey web project, including the design. Apart from coding and design, it also supports project idea development and design solutions.

Mobile Compatible Responsive Web Pages

Mobile Compatible Responsive Web Pages

Corporate sites, websites prepared in accordance with the corporate identity and colors of the company are prepared to be mobile compatible as a responsive website that will meet the current needs in the most correct way. Responsive websites can be used on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets without any problems, the site design can be changed in accordance with the resolution of the device and can offer a good user interface. According to the need, websites and corporate websites are prepared by our company, with CMS panels that can be updated by the site administrator.

Along with web projects, Facebook applications development services are also provided by our company. Facebook provides application development within the framework of certain rules. With Facebook applications we will develop, you can have very different experiences and competitions for your visitors on social media.

Corporate Web Solutions

In another area where we develop web projects, B2B solutions and in-house applications are. It is used in the form of transferring the relations of companies with their dealers and suppliers to electronic environment. Businesses save time, avoid possible mistakes and save personnel costs with B2B applications. Companies with dealers benefit from B2B solutions such as ordering, stocking, displaying orders. In addition, field sales teams can easily create orders from tablets and mobile devices. Thus, all reports of the field sales team can be taken instantly.

In-house web applications are created specifically for the needs of the company. Internal communication, document management, document and information sharing, contact cards, and internal work flows are done on the intranet. Apart from that, customer relationship management, project management, corporate resource planning applications can also be designed as an internal web application.

Corporate Web Solutions

Ranna has provided web projects development service for many well-known brands to date. It has served by developing websites, blogs, portals and campaign sites. It continues to produce software projects for its customers with its team experienced in web technologies and software, and provides continuous support and maintenance services for these projects.

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