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Mobile Application Development.

We are with you in your Mobile Application Development Project Ideas

We are with you in your Mobile Application Development Project Ideas

Today, the need for mobile application development continues to grow. Mobile applications, the usage of which increases rapidly day by day, make our life easier at every moment of our lives. New initiatives, ideas and needs continue to emerge in mobile application projects.

Different companies from different sectors offer mobile applications to make their users, customers or employees easier. Many e-commerce sites, brands, aim to keep their customers warm, and to be more visited and shopping. Increasing the usage time of mobile devices and expanding the user age range are also increasing the interest in the idea of having a mobile application.

As Ranna, we are happy to support you in meeting mobile application needs or bringing your mobile application ideas to life. In cases where the project owner demands and we believe in his project, we can go to the mobile project partnership by putting it under the stone.

Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development

In addition to the development of iOS and Android Native mobile app, we also provide Hybrid mobile application development service in order to be able to produce with fewer employees in a shorter time and therefore more economical. We also offer tablet application solutions within iOS tablets such as Android tablets and Ipad. In addition to Native mobile applications to be produced specifically for Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile platforms, we can produce solutions at very close performance with hybrid mobile applications using Html 5 technology, React Native and Cordova languages.

Mobile applications for brands and companies stand out as an indispensable tool in their communication with their customers today. Firms bring their services and products to mobile platforms, as well as strengthening their corporate image, as well as facilitating their target audiences' lives. With their mobile applications, they can send special discounts, campaigns, and instant notifications to the person.

Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development
Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development

Ranna has developed and continues to develop Native and Hybrid Mobile application solutions for many Startups, Advertising Agencies, Brands and Institutions. Ranna, Corporate Mobile Applications, Navigation Applications, Vehicle Tracking, Person Tracking, Micro Location Based Services, Indoor Routing and Information Systems, Social Media Applications, Data Collection, Mobile E-Commerce Applications, Mobile Payment Systems etc. It offers mobile software and solutions.

In line with the demand, we can take part in the work completely, including the design, coding and even the idea development phase, and we can produce turnkey projects. We can provide support in case you need to revise and add additions and updates regarding the corporate mobile application you are currently using.

If you want to have a mobile application, you can contact us about your mobile application project and your needs and get your budget offer as soon as possible.

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