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We Increase Your Customer Satisfaction with our Chatbot Development Service!

We Increase Your Customer Satisfaction with our Chatbot Development Service!

Chatbot technology, a product of Artificial Intelligence, uses Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, Line, Skype messaging applications. It is included in new applications every day. We have recently reached a wider network by adding WhatsApp and Instagram to the platforms we offer Chatbot Development.

By gathering all the communications in one place, we welcome your customers with our "RABOT" live chat robot. In cases where our bot is unable to respond, we direct the conversation to our Web Chat panel and offer an infrastructure that Live Support operators can respond to.

Today, apart from these applications, many institutions, organizations and brands offer their Chatbot feature to their customers instead of live chat, live support service or with these services and make their lives easier. In this way, it can meet the increasing demands and expectations of its customers faster and more accurately. They can also reduce operational numbers and lower operational costs.

Chatbots, which incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, offer a duel quality that can approach human communication day by day. They can continuously improve themselves in learning something from each dialogue, adapting to different types of questions, understanding spelling mistakes and understanding the questions they are unprepared. Chatbot solutions including natural language processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural language understanding, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) artificial intelligence technologies allow users to interact with natural expressions as if they were human.

Advantages of Using Chatbot

• Chatbot can provide consumer support services on multiple channels simultaneously, without the need for Live support staff. Your customers can perform their own transactions with Chatbot; It also contributes to reducing the workload of representatives and improving the workforce.

• The user can make offers to increase sales by offering customer experiences personalized with customer data. It can also help with the choice and sales process by offering suggestions, ideas other than sales.

• With Chatbot solutions, companies can show their customers that they are innovative and their services can differ from competitors.

Ranna has been developing Chatbot for its customers as entertainment, information, product suggestion, CRM, sales orientation, and campaign tool in many projects since 2016. The functions and capabilities of Ranna Chatbots are not limited to these. It works in many fields from making reservations, receiving payments, shipping, inquiring orders. Even small games can be included in Chatbot development projects and they can be used as a leg of digital campaigns.

We look forward to developing Chatbot solutions specific to your company and project. You can get in touch with us and get a budget offer as soon as possible.

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