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We develop Virtual Reality games and applications in line with the needs of our customers and offer their products and services as technologies used in marketing. We also develop various virtual reality training simulations for our customers. All the media created with Virtual Realiy are created by computer. The main purpose here is to forget the real environment you are in and see the help of glasses you wear in your mind in different worlds and places.

Virtual Reality Usage Areas

VR uses many military warfare and training simulations as its simulations can provide a very close experience to the real experience. It is used successfully in the training of pilots with virtual reality before flight.

The widespread use of VR technology can provide trainings on the use of devices and machines to its employees who are just starting work. Virtual reality trainings are used effectively, especially in sectors where gas, electricity, oil and energy production are high.

In fact, a new doctor or a university student who does not have experience with virtual reality VR applications can improve themselves by operating patients in VR environment and gain experience. It can be used successfully in schools such as virtual reality anatomy and space education. With this method, more intelligent lessons can be taught.

With 360 video, VR applications, you can experience the 360 degrees without going to the hotels and locations you will go before the holidays, make your decisions in this direction and create your travel program. Hotels, Shopping Malls, Real Estate Construction Projects, Hospitals, Museum Art Galleries can be visited with video productions made with 3D shots.

Virtual Reality Usage Areas

Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

In VR games, the excitement and pleasure of the game increases due to the fact that the user actually moves such as bending, walking, shooting etc. into the game. With VR, you can find a world that you have not experienced before and inside the game.

Products such as HTC Vive, Samsung Gear Vr, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard can be used in VR applications and games. In addition, applications and different projects can be created by making use of Leap Motion technology and moving objects in the virtual environment with the help of your hands.

Micro games have become quite common in recent days. These mini games are generally geared towards increasing competition among players. These games have the potential to connect players to the game more.

Our company can develop special ideas, projects, trainings for your brand and institution with VR technology. We would like to support you for your virtual reality game and application ideas.

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