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Touch Table Production and Software

Interactive touch tables and coffee tables can be produced in different sizes specific to the need. Available in sizes from 22 ”up to 86”. These specially produced products can be designed to be compatible with the architecture of the space. We can produce many different innovative decorative touch table solutions using wood, metal, marble, glass and even leather materials.

These multi-touch touch tables can be used by more than one user at a time, playing games and interacting. The computer system to be used according to the needs of software and applications is shaped. Touch technology can also be preferred according to the need. Infrared touch or capacitive touch screens can be used on these tables.

Interactive tables can be used in many places such as shops, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, showrooms. In these places, more than one person at the same time can examine the applications on the table, watch videos, access the internet. Thus, they can spend their free time without getting bored and have fun. Applications on the table, messages to be given through games and advertising communications to be made will be more effective. Interactive touch tables especially in restaurants and cafes; It can be used to serve many purposes such as reviewing menus, placing orders, playing games while waiting for the order, entering social networking sites and so on.

Applications and games to be used are produced by our company tailored to your brand's needs. You can present the desired content, video, photo, websites, product and campaign promotions to your customers in an effective and memorable way with the applications to be prepared.

You can contact our company for more information about our interactive touch table solutions.

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