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Our tablet stands are manufactured according to the size of Android tablets and iPads with iOS operating system. Apart from these stands, which are generally produced for 7 ”and 10” sized tablets, our company is also able to offer effective and eye catching solutions with the stands produced using Andorid tablets with 14 ”screens. Since these products are light in weight, they can be easily transported and assembled. Tablet stands for indoor use can be manufactured from plexiglass, metal and stainless sheet. It is also possible to produce custom products with the desired color and design.

These products, which can be used for surveys, product promotion and information purposes in stores, fairs, showrooms, shopping malls and airports, can be easily updated remotely with the software we have developed. Depending on the need, various software features such as face recognition and voice detection can be added, and stands can be turned into devices for interactive campaigns.

We have 3 types of tablet stands, standing, table top and wall mounted. Tablets to be used in the stands can be supplied by our company or by our customers. The "Plexi Tablet Stand" products, which can be designed specifically for brands, are an admirable option for campaigns with their stylish designs.

Tablet stands that are made of metal sheet materials can be used as advertising spaces. These tablet kiosks can be covered by magnet printing. The magnet can be easily removed on the tablet stand at any time and can be replaced with a different printed magnet.

You can contact us to see our tablet stands and for more information.

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