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Story Teller Vending Machine.

Story Teller Vending Machine

Story Teller Vending Machine

The story vending machine produced by our company is a product that can be developed upon request. The texts that will be included in it can be updated, and can also be used outside the vending machine.

In this vending machine we have prepared for municipalities, 1, 3 and 5 minutes of desired stories can be found. In addition, according to the demands of the municipalities, different informative texts such as our History, Services or Projects can be included. Story vending machines can be used to increase the habit of reading books, to inform, and have a good time, especially in places where we have to wait, where we have plenty of time, in public institutions, banks, municipalities, stations, airports, etc. It will be sufficient to replace the paper that is printed at certain intervals. The design of the vending machine can be made according to the need. It can be arranged to be used indoors or outdoors.

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