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Smart Medical Cabinet.

Inventory Management and Billing with Smart Medical Cabinet

Inventory Management and Billing with Smart Medical Cabinet

Smart Medical Cabinet, developed by our company, is an IoT product developed in line with project-specific needs. It has been developed in order to eliminate problems such as stock deficiency and invoicing in hospitals.

The smart medical cabinet is a system consisting of a main cabinet with an operating system, equipped with electromagnetic locks and sensors, and other side cabinets that can be directly connected to it. It has 4 different covers that can be controlled remotely, including being open-closed. In the event that the covers are opened or left open, they can inform by sending an audible alarm and sending a warning message.

It can be seen in the user panel which products are on the doors and shelves of the medical cabinet and how many of these products are. When the number of products falls below the specified number, the cabinet can request filling. The filling person can see which cover and which shelf should be placed by reading the QR codes or barcodes of the products they have. In this way, unnecessary product inventory will not be made, it can be replaced on time in lost products.

In the use of the cabinet, the nurse selects what the product is needed, the number and the room for it, by choosing from the hand terminal in his hand, and ensures that the correct door is opened in the closet located. It provides the product and closes the door of the cabinet and concludes the process. The received product falls from the stock and is billed to the right room as the right number.

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