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Social media integrated, photo printing kiosks

Social media integrated, photo printing kiosks

Photos taken from our photobooths, social media integrated photo kiosks and photo kiosks can print on photo paper instantly. It can also share photos via e-mail and social media.

The height of the photobooth can be adjusted according to the need. While its height is 163 cm in height, when it is shortened, it can fall up to 130 cm in length. It is suitable for use for children. It is possible to print 10.2 x 15.2 cm, 12.7 x 17.7 cm, 15.2 x 20.2 cm in size at 300dpi from the photo kiosk. Its 15 Mp camera can take high quality FullHD photos. The product can be cut into pieces for easy transportation. The product is presented in a special wheeled case carrying box.

With our Ranna Integrated Photobooth software, the display interface can be fully customized and adapted to different languages. The interface is very simple to use. Screen images prepared specifically for the brand or event can be used easily. The paper on which the photo will be printed can be dressed up with special designs. Special frameworks can be created for the event.

In the use of the cabinet, the nurse selects what the product is needed, the number and the room for it, by choosing from the hand terminal in his hand, and ensures that the correct door is opened in the closet located. It provides the product and closes the door of the cabinet and concludes the process. The received product falls from the stock and is billed to the right room as the right number.

Our photo kiosk can be dressed up by printing exclusively for the brand or campaign using the Deco and Forex panels on the front. Photo booth's software, case design and even hardware can be customized according to need. Our company is producing, selling and leasing Photobooth photo kiosk including hardware.

Also, Kinect and Green Screen integrations of Photobooth can be done. With kinect and green screen for events, it can be brought to a more effective and fun product. Project-specific similar events are budgeted.

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