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Games played on computer, console and mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Our company, which provides services in digital game design, game development processes management and production, develops educational games, event games, kinect games, web games, AR and VR games, mobile games.

Especially on the mobile game side, the increase in the number of smartphones has increased the need and demand for game development. With the developing mobile technology, it has increased the quality and content especially in the mobile game industry, and mobile games have received the biggest share in the game market. The mobile game market continues to grow day by day.

Mobile Game Development

Our company provides interactive, iOS game, android game development that can be played mutli player, and mobile game ideas prepared by realizing your game ideas. We are able to produce “Hyper Casual” games that are very popular and reach very high download numbers in line with your ideas. It is very simple to learn and play how to play such games. Characters are moved with a single click. They have short missions and therefore appeal to huge audiences.

We use Unity 3D Game Engine and C # programming languages for game development. Games using the Unity 3D game engine can be played via the web browser without the installation process with the Unity Web Player plug-in. A game that we developed with Unity can be compiled for mobile devices such as PC, Mac, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone without the need for any infrastructure changes. Our company has developed many event games, kiosk games, AR games, VR games, mobile games and Web casino games before.

It can support your mobile game project by promoting, developing, launching and promoting projects. Then, it makes necessary updates, additions, revisions in line with your needs and demands. In order to meet the needs of the games we develop, such as advertising and marketing, we support our customers by providing digital marketing and mobile advertising services.

Mobile Game Development

Game Development for Brands

Game Development for Brands

Apart from mobile games, games developed with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies attract everyone's attention today. Especially with AR and VR game ideas to be developed specifically for brands, intelligent, permanent and creative solutions can be produced. These games can be made available to customers and employees.

In addition, by developing the target audience and needs analysis in the most accurate way, it develops special games and gamified education technologies for individuals and institutions in line with the determined goals. With these games, training of employees can be done in a fun way. Corporate training games are used by many companies.

Micro games have become quite common in recent days. These mini games are generally geared towards increasing competition among players. These games have the potential to connect players to the game more.

If you want to have a game, we look forward to listening. You can get in touch with us and get the shortest budget proposal related to your game project. In fact, if you demand, you can be an investor in the mobile game projects developed by our company.

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