Tablet Holder
Tablet Holder

The tablet holder is a great helper for watching videos in bed or navigating on the couch. When it comes to using a tablet at a desk or in the kitchen, using it without any extra equipment to keep it up can be a bit of a challenge.

Sure, you might find yourself the right tablet case that functions as a tablet holder, but if you want to use your tablet as an extra monitor with Sidecar or a third-party program, it could be something more solid. To complete your office, living room, or kitchen setup, you'll likely need a tablet holder that supports the device and allows you to see the screen clearly. Tablets are versatile across mobile devices. Whether for registration or evaluation processes in the commercial sector, or for reading, surfing the web and watching movies, our range of tablet holders is the right holder for every application.

How should a tablet holder be?

Fully flexible:
All tablet holders can be rotated 360 ° and, depending on the holder, the angles can be infinitely adjusted for optimum use. Suitable for all 7-13 ″ tablets.
Sturdy and durable:
Aluminum, steel and high-quality plastics ensure long-term use. It is made in Germany and has an award-winning design.
Extra protection:
Rubber padded surfaces protect the stationary tablet from damage. Also available in XL version for sleeve tablets. Some models come with anti-theft protection. All holders for tablets without a sleeve can be locked with a special key. This means that the tablet cannot be removed from the holder. Movable holders such as table mount and floor stand can be provided with a cable lock for additional theft protection (not included). All tablet holders fit 7-13 inch tablets. All variants can be rotated 360 ° to work in portrait or landscape mode. Additionally, depending on the version, the holders offer additional settings such as height or reading angle adjustment.

Does the holder fit my tablet?

The holder is suitable for all tablet depths up to 8 mm. It is also suitable for depths over 8 mm, depending on the radius of the tablet edge. In addition, tablet holders are compatible for 7-13 inch tablets, eg. for the following brands (each has a different model):
Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Medion, Huawei, Asus, Microsoft.