Android Application Development
Android Application Development

There are two basic concepts you should understand about Android application making: how they provide multiple entry points and how they adapt to different devices.

Applications provide multiple entry points;

Android application making process is created as a combination of components that can be called separately. For example, an activity is a type of application component that provides a user interface (UI). The "main" activity starts when the user taps the icon of your app. You can also redirect the user from another location, for example from a notification or even a different app, to an event. Other components such as broadcast receivers and services allow your application to perform background tasks without a UI. After creating your first app, you can learn more about other app components in app basics section.

Applications adapt to different devices;

Android application making allows you to provide different resources for different devices. For example, you can create different layouts for different screen sizes. The system determines which layout will be used based on the screen size of the current device. If any of your application's features need specific hardware such as a camera, you can query the device at runtime whether it has this hardware, and otherwise disable the corresponding features. You can specify that your app requires certain hardware so Google Play doesn't allow the app to be installed on devices without them. Android is the most successful mobile operating system used by more than 2 billion people with 85% market share, the only major competition they have is Apple's iOS. If you do not offer your application on the Android platform, you are losing a lot. If you need an Android application development company with a strong portfolio, you can contact us. We have developed thousands of custom Android apps for startups, organizations, and leading brands around the world. From design and development to testing and support, our team of mobile apps experts use the latest technologies and design features to create best-in-class apps for the Android operating system. With our company; Highly experienced Android application developers, Upgrade your existing Android application, Fast implementation by our application developers, Timely delivery of the Android application, Reliable application support and maintenance are guaranteed.