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Augmented Reality Applications.

Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality Applications

Using smart objects, tablet devices or smart glasses such as HoleLens, Magic Leap using the object and location recognition feature, overlapping virtual objects on real images is called Augmented Reality, (AR) augmented reality. Augmented reality projects enrich what we see in the world by adding virtual objects through computers and make us feel what we see as real.

Different companies from different sectors offer mobile applications to make their users, customers or employees easier. Many e-commerce sites, brands, aim to keep their customers warm, and to be more visited and shopping. Increasing the usage time of mobile devices and expanding the user age range are also increasing the interest in the idea of having a mobile application.

Entertainment, information, technical support and augmented reality applications that we can use for every purpose in every phase of our daily life is an innovative, exciting technology that makes our life easier. Today, we come across augmented reality solutions developed from archeology to architecture, from education to art, from health to military. We have briefly touched on some of these areas below;

AR Game Development

When AR is said, the first applications that come to mind are games. Especially Pokemon Go game has played an important role in the recognition of this technology. Reaching a very high number of downloads all over the world, this AR game enriched the real world with the virtual world and became innovative and therefore very successful.

Advertising and Marketing Idea Development with AR

One of the areas where AR is used the most is the Advertising and Marketing sectors. Brands offer creative applications using AR technology to attract more customers and market their products in a more interactive way. In this way, they ensure that their campaigns are catchy and make a difference. Features Augmented reality solutions and ideas are developed for events and organizations.

Development of Real Estate and Construction Projects with AR Solutions

With AR, you can get information about the project, rich content in an advertisement in the newspaper, magazine, and in projects that have not been built, you can examine the place to be built with AR in real time, in an interactive environment in 3D environment at the location of the project. It can even lean your home with your AR app installed device. You can order these products, furniture, carpets that you see on site.

AR Education Projects

In the factories, trainings on machine use, repair and service with AR technology and even "Remote Assistant" support can be provided. School materials and books for children in schools can be made interactive, fun. AR facilitates learning by providing more memorable experiences. In the health sector, solutions and trainings can be produced using AR technology in surgery, surgical operations and aesthetic operations.

Ranna offers projects and services from many different areas using augmented reality technology. We are excited to support you in your AR gaming, AR training projects, innovative marketing ideas that incorporate AR technology, and all your other Augmented reality application needs.

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